The First World War and the Strict Baptist communities

‘Amid this gigantic sorrow’ The First World War and the Strict Baptist communities

by Dr Kenneth Dix and Judith James

Amid this gigantic sorrow

Amid this gigantic sorrowHow did churches react to the First World War, and how did the war affect them? Why did the Pastor of a Strict Baptist church get sent to Dartmoor Prison? How did soldiers from a strict religious background cope with the war?

In 1914 there were about 600 Strict Baptist churches. From 1914 to 1918, the pages of the Strict Baptists’ magazines included not only the usual sermons, spiritual writings and details of church anniversaries, but also comments on the war, details of soldiers who had enlisted from the churches, and letters and memoirs from those soldiers.

With a foreword by John Briggs, Emeritus Professor, University of Birmingham, Past President of the Baptist Historical Society.

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Foreword by John Briggs
Kenneth Dix

Strict Baptists in the Early Twentieth Century: an Introduction
Prologue to War
The Coming of War
Prayer Meetings
The Progress of War and the Churches
The Magazines
The Churches
Strict Baptist Societies in Wartime
The Strict and Particular Baptist Society
The Missions
Other Societies
Sunday Work
Provision for the Troops
Conscientious Objectors – and Ministers
The Work of the Northern Union
Joint Efforts
Rolls of Honour
Letters Home
The End of the War
And Afterwards

Appendix 1: Kenneth Dix’s Assessment
Appendix 2: Families and Occupations