Special Sale of Surplus Books

From time to time we have surplus secondhand books available for sale. Currently available titles are given below. Prices do not include post and packing and all enquiries should be directed to our publication sales.

Mr A Jones      adjones66@hotmail.com
45 Innox Road
BA14 9AT

Books by / Autobiographical Ministers etc.£
Alexander G AFirst Ripe Grape2.00
Brook WalterSermons Vol 11.25
Cooper W SGoodness and Mercy5.00
Delves JesseLetter and Sermons3.00
Hazlerigg GSermons by2.00
Hemington CharlesMemorial of1.50
Hews FSpoils Won in the Day of Battle2.00
Kirby F JA Pastor's Reverie H B1.25
Kirby F JA Pastor's Reverie P B1.00
Knill R PLoved and Chastened1.00
Lindsey JSelected Works5.00
Muller GeoLife and Labours1.00
Orton JosephMemoir3.00
Pearce JamesWorkers Together2.00
Pearce JamesLife of 19351.00
Ramsbottom B AHistory of Gospel Standard5.00
Ramsbottom B ALife of David Crosley1.00
Ramsbottom B AWilliam Gadsby5.00
Reed J WHe Being Dead1.00
Richmond LeighDairymans Daughter2.00
Rose GeoRemembered Mercies Recorded3.00
SellAlfred Dye1.00
Stickelberger ECalvin2.00
Tiptaft WilliamMemoir1.50
Turton James1916-19701.50
Warburton John (Jn)Memorials of1.50
Warburton, John Mercies6.00
Wilmshurst EbenezerMemoir1.00
Windridge, FredHis Great Goodness4.00
Forest Hill Zion Chapel Sermons1.00
Gospel Standard 18367.00

Chapel Histories etc.£
Aldringham 150 years 1962 (copy)1.00
Altrincham 100th 19721.00
Ampthill 200th Seize the Day 19971.50
Bedford Rothsay Road 1809-19940.50
Bedworth Zion 1796-19550.50
Biddenden Jubilee of Jn Kemp 19301.00
Biddenden Jubilee of Jn Kemp 19302.00
Brighton Tabernacle1.00
Brighton Tabernacle 100th 19342.50
Broughton Cumberland 19561.50
Bury Providence 19362.50
Bury: God's Providence at Bury 19890.50
Bye-paths in Baptist HistoryGoadby J G2.00
Cambridge St Andrews Street 250th anniversary1.00
Chelmsford Ebenezer S S Centenary1.00
Chelmsford Ebenezer S S Diamond Jubilee 19381.00
Cloughford 300 19720.50
Colchester 25 years at Prettygate 19861.00
Coppice 200th Anniversary1.50
Coventry Settlement of P M Rowell 19651.00
Cranbrook Providence 150th 19531.00
Cranfield Beds 1660-19601.00
Croydon Derby Rd centenary 19761.00
Croydon Salem Jubilee 19301.00
Dartford Highfield Rd centenary 19681.00
Earls Shilton Baptist Church 19312.00
Hall Green Story Haworth 19962.00
Hebden Bridge Zion 1839-19892.00
Horningsham Chapel0.50
London Gower St A City Not Forsaken3.00
London Gower Street Chapel 19212.00
London Gurney Road Stratford0.50p
Margate Rehoboth 1914-741.00
North Finchley High Rd 1791-19910.50p
Old Hill Ebenezer Recognition of E G Rowell 19393.00
Orpington Baptist Church 1848 -19912.00
Potton Baptists1.50
Southill 300th Anniversary0.50
Strict Baptist Chapels Vol 3 Kent5.00
Strict Baptist Chapels Vol 4 The Industrial Midlands1.50
Strict Baptist Chapels Vol 5 Wiltshire and The West1.50
Tewkesbury: The Old Baptist Chapel0.50
Thornhill Snippets of History1.00
Westoning: Nevertheless1.00
Bible Students Concordance The5.00
Alexander J HMore than a Notion2.00
CrudenConcordance 1884 (spine damaged)5.00
Denny J (BD)Second Epistle 2 Corthinthans3.00
Kitto JohnCyclopeadia of Biblical Literature 1862 (spine damaged)5.00
Lane G EDanvers Henry1.00
Light A WBunhill fields1.50
Lupton LRed Indian Peril1.00
Manley OldhamSearch The Scriptures5.00
YoungAnalytical Concordance10.00

Grace Baptist Mission£
Brand JOutcast for Christ Sake0.50p
Grist P AO Earth Hear1.00
Morling OliveMessage of Jubilee1.00
Pond C CGreat Expectations1.00
Thorpe J KCome with Me1.00
Thorpe J KOther Sheep of the (1961) HB2.00
Thorpe J KOther Sheep of the (1961) SB1.00
Thorpe J KUtmost for the Highest ( E A Booth)5.00

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