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From time to time we have surplus secondhand books available for sale. Currently available titles are given below. Prices do not include post and packing and all enquiries should be directed to our publication sales.

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Chapel Histories etc.
Gower Street 19215.00
Gower Street A City not Forsaken 20053.00
Coppice 1804-20041.50
Earl Shilton History of1.50
Old Hill Ebenezer Recognition of E G Rowell 19391.50
Brighton Tabernacle 1834 -19342.50
Brighton Tabernacle 1834-19651.00
Brighton Ebenezer Past and PresentJames Payne1.00
Chelmsford London Rd Sunday School Jubilee 19381.50
Chelmsford London Rd Sunday School Centenary 19781.00
Biddenden Bounds Cross Jubilee 19302.00
Cambridge St Andrews 1721 - 19711.00
Croydon Salem Windmill Road 1880-19301.50
Croydon Providence West Street1.00
Clarkenwell Mt Zion 1851-19511.00
Cranbrook Providence 1803-19531.00
Orpington 1848-19912.00
Coventry Lower Ford St Settlement of P M Rowell 19651.00
Margate Rehoboth Yet there is Room H Wrigley 19741.00
Potton Baptists 2005S Evers2.00
Tewkesbury Od Baptist (pamphlet)0.50
These 150 years 1980 S and N Association1.00
Westoning 150 Years 19850.50
Linslade Bethel 25th anniversary of G J Collier1.50
Norwich Zoar Thou Shalt Remember 19481.00
Bedford Providence 1809-19941.50
Bedworth 1796-1955 a short history1.00
Bradford Zoar Yorkshire 1923 25th anniversary of J Booth1.50
Bury Project 19890.50
Broughton Cumberland History of the Church 19560.50
Altringham Baptist Church 19721.00
Devizes Old Baptist 19951.00
Fressingfield 19851.00
Geo Fox JournalPenney, Norman1.00
Parminter Knell, Loved and chastened1.50
Hemington Charles, Memorial of 19052.50
Francis Hews5.00
Samuel Delves, Unto the Lord19741.00
Vaughan William 18871.50
Dawson Herbert, Memory of the Goodness of God 19651.00
Smith William, Memorials 19041.50
Patterson Harry, account of Some of God gracious dealings 19362.00
Walker Jane, memorial of Islip 18711.50
Baxter A J, Memoirs of 19091.00
Alexander George, A First Ripe Grape1.50
Alexander J H More than a Notion 19652.00
Calvin a Life 1959Stickelberger E1.50
Sermons 1908Brooks W1.00
Dye A 1974Sell, Alan1.00
Danvers Henry 1972G Lane1.00
Sutherden Cooper Goodness and Mercy 1943 HB3.00
Sutherden Cooper Goodness and Mercy 2002 PB2.00
Brosley David 1991Ramsbottom B A0.75
His PeopleTiptaft W0.50
The Seceders Vol 2 1932Philpot, J5.00
Muller Geo of Bristol Pierson2.00
Kirby F, Pastor Reverie 1931 s b1.00
Kirby F, Pastor Reverie 1931 H b2.00
Wonders of Grace 1936Jarvis, S3.00
Godwin Ann, Memoir of 19000.50
Forest Hill Zion Chapel Sermons 19251.50
Reed J W, He being dead yet speaketh1.00
Orton Joseph, Memoir of 19063.00
Remembered Mercies Recorded 1952Rose, Geo2.00
Sermons Gospel of a covenant God 1976Warburton, John2.00
Warburton John, Memorial of 18924.50
Windridge Fred, His Great Goodness3.00
English Baptist History HeritageHayden Roger2.00
Highlights of S B HistoryBreed C2.00
My Ancestors were BaptistsBreed G1.00
Isaac Watts- 1974S M Houghton2.00
Samuel Medley,S Preacher Pastor poet Ramsbottom B A1.00
History of Gospel Standard Magazine 1985Ramsbottom B A5.00
Bye Paths in Baptist History 1871Goadby, J J5.00
Bunhill Fields 1915Light, A W7.00
Strict Baptist Chapels of England by R F Chambers
Vol 1 Hampshire and Surrey20.00
Vol 2 Sussex20.00
Vol 3 Kent20.00
Vol 4 Industrial Midlands10.00
Vol 5 Wiltshire and West5.00
Further History of the Gospel Standard Baptists by S F Paul
Vol 1 London Churches2.50
Vol 3 Some Midland and Eastern Churches2.50
Strict Baptist Mission / Grace Baptist Mission
Thorpe J K Other Sheep of the Tamil Fold1.50
Thorpe J K Come with Me 19561.50
Thrower D No Looking Back 19861.50
Harris R Dr A Unfinished Symphony Grist P A1.50
Booth Mrs E A Afterglow2.00
Jubilee L Z A 1956 Morling Olive2.00
Light in Hindu Homes 1946 Morling Olive2.00
In the Service of the Master 1942 Morling David1.00
Pioneer on the Cauvery Morling David2.00
Pictures of Missionary Album Booth Ernest 19222.00
Maps of Fields 19381.00
Christian’s Pathway 19285.00
Cheering Words History of2.00
Lion Hand book of the Bible5.00
Understanding the Bible 1976 5 VolsStott, J R W5.00
History of The Geneva Bible 11 volsLupton100.00
Search the Scriptures 1955Manley and Oldham5.00
Youngs Analytical Concordance 188010.00
Kitto Dictionary of Biblical Literary 18622.00
2 Corinthians Exploiters Bible5.00
Helping the Lay preacher Wilding 19531.00
The Promise is to youOrr, J W0.50
What’s RealAppleby, H J0.50
The Happiness of London London City Mission0.50
C S S M Chorus Book Music Vol 11.00
Our Daily WalkMayer, F B1.00
Things most Surely Believed 1689 Confession0.50
We Believe 19741.00
We Believe 19660.50
The Church 1971Breed, C1.00
Interpreting The BibleKhurt, W H0.50
Strict CommunionWilloughby, J0.50
With Mercy and with JudgementHyde, M J15.00
The Vital Year 1996Salkeld, H1.50

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