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Oral History Project

Do you remember what Chapel life was like before the war?

We have interviewed older members of Strict Baptist churches about chapel life before the Second World War. We will need to conduct interviews of people whose memories stretch back to war time and the fifties and sixties. We have not yet started on this.

People’s memories are a valuable historical resource. Oral history can give an alternative view to the written record and often fills out the picture with the view ‘from the pew’. Your own memories are as important as any book!

Recordings of the first round of interviews are available on minidisc which will be preserved in the Strict Baptist Historical Society Library in Dunstable so that future generations will be able to find out more about their spiritual heritage. They have also been put into computer-accessible form.

The Society would like to hold the copyright on all its recordings but the individual is free to place restrictions on the use of the interview for up to thirty years after their death. In this way recordings can be made in strict confidence if that is wanted.

The interview can be done by a member of the church to which the interviewee belongs or by a member of the Society. The Society can give guidance about how to conduct an interview.

If you would like to be part of this project or know of someone we should talk to please contact Pauline Johns, 11 Ashwick Close, Caterham, Surrey, CR3 6BY or by email < thesecretary AT >*

Please note that in the email address the ‘ AT ‘ should be replaced by ‘@’ i.e. mail to name AT should be sent to

When emailing the society please provide your full postal address even if you are anticipating a reply by email. Thank you.