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Pastors Gallery

From 1878 to 1941 the Cheering Words magazine published a series of portraits of pastors. We have provided a reduced size image of each one available. A higher resolution image (typically a 300 dpi, jpg file) can be obtained from the society on request for which a donation would be appreciated to cover our costs in making these images available. Please contact the society for more details.

Please note the year of publication refers to the volume of Cheering Words and may be some years after the date the photograph was taken.

This table also provides a link to our pastors and chapels database where we have additional biographical and pastorate details.

Pastor (click for image when available)Link to Pastors and Chapels DatabaseYear image publishedNote
Ackland, Henry100041909
Atherton, H1932
Atherton, Henry1913
Austin, O C100621941
Austin, Oliver Crouch100621921
Baker, W S100881911Staines
Banks, Charles Waters101001900
Banks, Geo101011941
Banks, George101011932
Banks, Robert1900Cheering Words publisher 1851-1885
Banks, Robert F1900Cheering Words publisher 1886-
Barker, J H101101912Aldringham
Battersby, James1882
Beecher, Ebenezer101541904
Belcher, S T101631898
Benstead, Tom101771920
Berry, W H101831912Asst Sec S & N A
Bird, E J101981941
Bird, George Edward John101981928
Bisset, James102041918
Booth, E A1912Missionary
Booth, E A1941
Bourne, G W102451938
Box, John102551893
Bradbury, Thomas1881
Brandon, Alfred102721918
Breed, Charles102741933
Brooke, Walter102921918
Bull, Henry103331915
Burgess, F G103441895
Bush, John103661893
Caten, Herbert William104091927
Cheering Words Jubilee1900
Chilvers, H T104551912Ipswich
Chilvers, Henry Tydeman104551898
Chisnall, W104601912Secretary S B M
Chisnall, William104601897
Clark, George William104701935
Collin, J B1928
Colls, L H105171912Tring
Colls, Lazarus Henry105171892
Cooper, W E105411912Rishangles
Crees, Percy Henry105901935
Crook, James106011891
Dale, William Allen106291924
Dann, Henry George106381927
Denning, S E1938
Dixon, W107181912Bradford St George
Dixon, William107181909
Dolbey, Obadiah S107251884
Dolbey, Obadiah S107251908
Dykes, C T107601912Laxfield
Dykes, Charles Thomas107601914
Easter, James107671905
Fells, Frank108401900
Fensome, L C108451941
Fensome, Leonard Cremer108451931
Flavell, D108761941
Flegg, E W108791912Homerton
Flegg, James E108791901
Four Banks Brothers1879
Frankland, R109121912Beccles
Freston, Charles Albert109231907
Galley, Herbert John109361904
Garrard, Leslie Raymond109481929
Garrard, Sydney Edward109491921
Gladstone, Henry H109741933
Goodenough, Joshua Parkinson109891910
Gray, Samuel110121891
Grimwood, F110361937
Guy, C A110461912Norwich
Haddock, S H110501912Stowmarket
Hale, D H110591934
Hawes, S J111251912Occold
Hazelton, J E111511903
Hazelton, John111491906
Hazelton, W111531889
Hewitt, R111711912Rattlesden
Hewitt, Robert Brydges111721936
Hill, P G1937Beulah, Watford
Hills, Leonard111921923
Hitchcock, H C112001912Wattisham
Holden, Frederick Cooper112121894
Hughes, Josiah112671919
Hunt, Samuel Rutherford12131Editor of Waymarks magazine
Jarvis, Joseph113271916
Jones, Thomas E113571896
Jull, John113621895
Kern, William113871900
Kevan, Ernest Frederick113891934
Lambourne, John114431905
Leake, Charles Water114711920
Leggett, W R C114811912Otley
Levinsohn, Hessel & Isaac1880
Levinsohn, Isaac1878
Ling, W1912Sec S & N A
Lock, H115161912Blakenham
Lynn, John Hunt115401887
Marsh, E115711912London
Marsh, Ebenezer115711890
McCure, John Bunyan116111883
Meeres, J L116271894
Mirchell, E116671912London
Mitchell, Edward116671888
Mitchell, Edward116671901
Morling, A116961912Stoke Ash
Morling, Abner116961914
Morling, H M116981912Beccles
Morling, J116991912Chelmsford
Morton, C B117101941
Morton, Charles Bernard117101923
Moss, H R117141941
Moss, Harold R117141936
Munns, Josiah117361882from the Additional collection
Mutimer, Benjamin117471930
Mutimer, R117481912Brentford
Mutimer, Robert117481902
N & S Association Meetings1912
Newman, F1918
Newton, H A117661941
Newton, Henry A117661910
Northfield, B J117871912March
Northfield, Benjamin John117871889
Northfield, Benjamin John117871900
Northfield, H J117871941
Nunn, S G1938
Oxborrow, Stanley C118311937
Pastors of Cambs. & East Midland Conference 19301941
Peters, John Turner119081907
Plail, William Charles119371924
Pocock, W H11945
Puttnam, William Kenneth120051939
Ranson, W H120171912Somersham
Ranson, Walter Harry120171922
Reader, F W120271939
Realff, Alfred Ebenezer Ralph120281899
Reeves, William Henry120421939
Reynolds, Philip120481888
Reynolds, T120441922
Robinson, Robert120791916
Roe, E120851912Fressingfield
Roe, Ernest120851913
Rose, Ernest120931915
Rose, William Henry120951919
Sears, Robert Edward121811887
Sharpe, H J121991937
Sharples, James12202
Sharpe, Victor C121981938
Shinn, Arthur122221911Cambridge
Sinden, W A122491908
Small, William122661910
Smith, George122821917
Smith, George Stanley122831930
Smith, Robert Clough122971935
Squirrrell, William Knibb123361890
Staddon, George Frederick123391917
Stone, John George123951936
Styles, William Jeyes124141896
Tagg, Ernest Charles124331939
Taylor, Benjamin124481886
Thomas, George William124661892
Thorpe, J K124861929
Thorpe, J K124861941
Throssell, John Norris124881902
Tooke, Harry David125091906
Underwood, E J1931
Ward, Andrew James126051899
Warren, A126141912Charsfield
Watts, I1935
Welland, Matthew1885
Welsford, Charles Joseph126561913
Welsford, J C126561912Horham
Whayman, A W126681941
Whayman, A. W.126681925
White, Edwin126741897
White, Sydney Walter126791936
Willoughby, Jas.1925First Principal of the SB Bible Institute
Winch, Henry Morris127401903
Winters, William127471886
Winters, William127471900
Wren, Abner127841926
Wren, John William127851926
Yates, Francis