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Strict Baptist Societies and Organisations

The Society has an interest and holds material on a considerable number of Societies and Organisations connected with Strict Baptists.  As an indication, detailed below are some of the organisations known to the Society.

The Baptist Tract Society
Cambs & East Midlands Union of SB Churches
Emily Convalescent Homes (Clacton)
Fellowship of Youth
Gospel Standard Aid Societies
Gospel Standard Library
Gospel Standard Poor Relief Society
Gospel Standard Publications Ltd
Gospel Standard Strict and Particular Baptist Trust Ltd
London and Southern SB Choir
Metropolitan Assoc of SB Churches
National Strict Baptist Assembly
National Strict Baptist Federation
National Strict Baptist Sunday School Assoc
National Strict Baptist Women’s Fellowship
Northern Counties Union of Strict Baptists
Particular Baptist Choirs’ Annual Friendly Gathering
Poor Christians Help Society
South Indian Strict Baptist Missionary Society
Strict and Particular Baptist Ministers’ Fellowship
Strict and Particular Baptist Ministers’ Help Society
Strict and Particular Baptist Northern Union
Strict and Particular Baptist Society
Strict Baptist Bible Institute
Strict Baptist Bookroom
Strict Baptist Historical Society
Strict Baptist Midland Choir
Strict Baptist Mission
Strict Baptist Open Air Mission
Strict Baptist Trust Pastors’ Stipend Fund
Strict Baptist Trust Pension Fund
Suffolk and Norfolk Assoc of Strict Baptist Churches
Surrey Tabernacle Benefit Society
Aged Pilgrims Friend Society
Bible Spreading Union
Evangelical Library
International Council of Christian Churches
Particular Baptist Fund
Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony
Sovereign Grace Union
Trinitarian Bible Society