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Library rules

New rules apply since the SBHS Library moved from Dunstable to within the Evangelical Library (EL) in 2017.

On arrival please sign in with the EL Librarian.

  1. The Library is available for use by all members of the Strict Baptist Historical Society. Non-members may use the Library for research but not borrow items.
  2. All those using the Library should first familiarise themselves with the “SBHS Summary Book Classifications” which are displayed at the end of shelving in the SBHS Library area (first floor).
  3. Members wishing to use the Library can do so during opening hours of the Evangelical Library.
  4. Members may read all books, magazines, and booklets in the Library, but are requested to contact the SBHS Librarian if they need to refer to Church Books and associated manuscripts. Please replace any items taken off the shelves back in their original place.
  5. Members may borrow most books and booklets, EXCEPT magazines, manuscripts (including Church Books), ephemera, books published before 1800, and specifically labelled items. In certain circumstances these may be borrowed at the discretion of the SBHS Librarian.  Non-members are not allowed to borrow from the Library.
  6. Before removing any book from the Library members must comply with the loan procedures of the Evangelical Library. No more than four items may be borrowed at any one time, for a period of two months – an extension may be granted at the discretion of the EL Librarian and can be applied for by email, telephone or letter.  Fines for overdue books will be charged at 4p per book per day (24p per week per book as Sundays not counted).
  7. Borrowing by post: Books and booklets may be borrowed by post at the discretion of the SBHS/EL Librarian. Postage is payable by the reader. Books returned by post must be WELL PACKED and, where possible, re-using the same packaging (or of equivalent protective nature).  Thin manilla envelopes are not suitable.
  8. Readers are responsible for the safekeeping of all items borrowed from the Library. No item borrowed may be marked in any way or repairs attempted by the borrower.  On no account shall sticky tape be used on any borrowed item.
  9. Where possible photocopies of magazine articles and books published since 1800 may be ordered from the EL Librarian, in accordance with copyright laws, at a cost of 10p/copy.
  10. There are reference materials in both the Evangelical Library and the SBHS Library which cannot be removed from the building. In the building there are desks available for study and also computers.