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Particular Baptists in Victorian England

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Particular Baptists in Victorian EnglandThis new 350 page book by Geoffrey Breed provides a thorough discussion of the issues and people who honoured the strict-communion Baptist position among English Baptists, yet remained within the Baptist Union, while others remained apart from it. Breed describes the work of the Strict Baptist Society and its parallel organisation, the Baptist Tract Society, neither of which have been properly noted or researched before. He also draws attention to two other neglected associations of Strict Baptist ministers in London, and in Northwest England where a ministerial training college was established first at Bury, then in Manchester. Those who have read Kenneth Dix’s recent book will find Breed an essential addition for exploring the largely neglected, but very widespread, Strict Baptist ethos and network of strict-communionist Victorian Baptists that is absent from the standard histories.

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