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Personal Names database

This index is an ongoing project and currently comprises data from a number of Strict Baptist Magazines. It is provided as a finding aid and reference to the magazine should be made for further details. If you would like access to the relevant article you should contact the Society for an estimate of the cost and an indication of the detail available for a specific reference. The subject matter and length of the article referred to varies widely. This index includes details of the military service of many Strict Baptists during World War One, but not limited to that. During the course of the war a total of 130 churches provided lists of names for the following two magazines, less than a quarter of Strict Baptist churches in being at the time. The number of men listed totalled 1,130, of whom 59 were reported killed or dying of wounds.

Christian’s Pathway: WW1 Rolls of Honour

Churches were invited to send in the names of men serving in the armed forces in World War One, so that readers could pray for the men listed. The list included the names of some who had been killed in battle. Details of the man’s regiment were given and sometimes of his connection to the local Strict Baptist church, if he had attended the Sunday School, or was a Church member. A thumbnail portrait was included after August 1915 where possible, the last appeared in December 1919. By 1918 a note appeared saying “the cost of reproducing the photos has so increased, and is still increasing, that no more can be accepted unless a donation …is sent with them”.

Earthen Vessel and Gospel Herald

The Earthen Vessel merged with the Gospel Herald in 1887. The vast majority of the information relating to “laymen” are their obituaries. These can be merely a notice of death to a quite long account. Some will give much detail of life and others some deathbed scenes. For some of the more prominent laymen there may be information about other life events e.g. 50th marriage celebrations or appointment to certain “denominational” office. The Pastors’ information will also include accounts of recognition services and concluding services (which place dates of pastorates), notices of retirement, notices of Marriages. Research is continuing and we hope that more data will be made available in due course.

Gospel Standard

The Gospel Standard commenced in 1835, This index contains 7813 references to both pastors and lay persons from 1835 until 2014.

Baptist Annual Register

The Baptist Annual Register was commenced in 1790 and continued to 1802 under the editorship of Rev John Rippon (1751-1836) who was pastor of the Baptist meeting-house in Carter Lane, Tooley Street, Southwark, from 1773 at the age of 20 until his death, a period of 63 years.