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Baptist Pastors and Chapels

Our Pastor and Chapels database is an ongoing project. You can inform us of additions and corrections from the database search page.

Key to abbreviations

The Obituary and Memoir data included with some of the pastor details includes references to published sources. Generally they are of the format “EV 1905 103” which can be interpreted as “Earthen Vessel, year 1905, page number 103”. The Society’s library, and other libraries hold copies of these publications. A full list of the title abbreviations is as follows:

BHBBaptist Handbook
BMBaptist Magazine or Baptist Manual
CPChristian's Pathway
EVEarthen Vessel
GHGospel Herald
GSGospel Standard
GraceGrace Magazine
Slim"My contemporaries of the nineteenth century: brief memorials of more than four hundred ministers of the gospel from A.D. 1800 to 1869", Cornelius Slim, 1870