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Special Sale of Surplus Books

From time to time we have surplus secondhand books available for sale. Currently available titles are given below. Prices do not include post and packing and all enquiries should be directed to our publication sales.

Mr A Jones
45 Innox Road
BA14 9AT

Biographical / Autobiographical etc.
First Ripe GrapeAlexander G A2.00
More than notionAlexander J H2.00
Memoirs ofBaxter A J1.00
Monument to Free and Sovreign Grace 1884Belcher2.00
Brief RecordBradfield Henry1.00
Wonders of Providence and Grace 1910Bools Andrew3.00
Sermons Vol 1Brook Walter2.00
Sermon Salvation freely given 1831/2006Bulteel H B1.50
Life and Conversion of 1863Cayley Cornelius2.50
Goodness and MercyCooper W S5.00
The Lion slain and Lamb exalted 1862Corbitt John5.00
Letter and SermonsDelves Jesse3.00
Unto the Lord 1974Delves Samuel1.00
Memory of the Goodness of GodDawson Herbert2.00
My visit to Canada and U States 1907Farncombe3.00
Testomony to the sovereignty of GodGoodge P1.00
memoir 1900Godwin Ann0.50
RecollectionsGrace John5.00
Sermons byHazlerigg G2.00
Memorial ofHemington Charles3.00
Spoils Won in the Day of BattleHews F2.00
Israel Atkinson 1882Hoddy3.00
A Blessed Memory. a Memoir of the late Charles James of Sevenhampton Raven, J 3.00
MemoirGray Joseph5.00
Autobiography 1878Godwin Thomas3.00
A Pastor's Reverie H BKirby F J2.00
A Pastor's Reverie P BKirby F J1.00
Loved and ChastenedKnill R P1.00
Danvers HenryLane G1.00
Selected WorksLindsey J5.00
Life and LaboursMuller Geo1.00
Memoirs of American Missionary 1806Newell Mrs7.00
Autobiography/jubilee 1930Northfield Benjamin2.00
MemoirOrton Joseph3.00
Workers TogetherPearce James2.00
William Carey 1934Pearce S10.00
Life of 1935Pearce James1.00
George Fox journalPenney Norman1.00
George Muller of BristolPierson3.00
History of Gospel StandardRamsbottom B A5.00
Life of David CrosleyRamsbottom B A1.00
William GadsbyRamsbottom B A5.00
He Being DeadReed J W1.00
Dairymans DaughterRichmond Leigh2.00
Remembered Mercies Recorded reprintRose Geo5.00
Remembered Mercies RecordedRose Geo3.00
Alfred DyeSell1.00
William Memoirs of 1904Smith1.50
CalvinStickelberger E2.00
Goodness and Mercy PBSutherden Cooper2.00
Goodness and Mercy HBSutherden Cooper3.00
MemoirTiptaft William1.50
His PeopleTiptaft William1.00
1916-1970Turton James1.50
Memorial 1871Walker Jane of Islip1.50
Lambs safely FoldedWileman William3.00
1887Vaughan William1.50
Gospel of a Covenent God 1976Warburton sermons2.00
Memorials ofWarburton John (Jn)4.50
Mercies part 1 Warburton, John 6.00
MemoirWilmshurst Ebenezer1.00
His Great Goodness Windridge, Fred 4.00
William Huntingdon SS 1909Wright T10.00
William Cowper 1921Wright T10.00
Other Books
Ecclesiastical history of the ancient Church Piedmint and the Albigenses, 1690, reprint 1989 Allix, Pierre 7.00
Whats realAppleby John0.50
The Church Breed, Charles 1.00
John Bunyan 1886Brown John B10.00
Complete Concordance, Lutterworth Press 1967 Cruden Alexander3.00
Strict and Particular, 2001  PB Dix Kenneth5.00
Mystery of Providence, Banner of Truth 1998 Flavel John3.00
Wanderings Vol 1Gadsby John7.00 or £12 the set of Vols 1 and 2
Wanderings Vol 2Gadsby John7.00 or £12 the set of Vols 1 and 2
The Trumpet Sounds for Britian  combined vols 1-3Gardner David5.00
The Christian in Complete ArmourGurnall William5.00
With mercy and with judgement 2018Hyde MJ15.00
John Bunyan life of 1823Ivimey10.00
Interpreting the BibleKhurt Wilfred0.50
Dictionary of Biblical literary 1862Kitto2.00
Happiness of LondonLondon City Mission0.50
Search the Scriptures Manley, G.T. and Oldham, H.W. 5.00
Our Daily WalkMeyer F B1.00
The Promise is to youOrr J W0.50
The Seceders vol2 1932Philpot J H5.00
The vital year reprint 1996Salkeld Harry1.50
Made According to Pattern, CLC 1988 Slemming C W3.00
These are the Garments, CLC 1988 Slemming C W3.00
Understanding the Bible 1976 5 volsStott J5.00
Unger's Guide to the BibleTyndale5.00
God's sovereignty lifes of two brothersVader Valden Peter1.50
Helping the lay preacher 1953Wilding1.00
Analytical Concordance 1880Youngs10.00
Lion Hand book of the Bible5.00
Memoir and Remains of Robert Murray M'Cheyne 18945.00
My Beloved Macrae of Lochalsh 19582.00
The New Bible Commentary5.00
Things most surely believed, 1689 Confession 0.50
We Believe 19661.00
We Believe 19741.00
Marriage and burial services S P B S 19292.00
Chapel Histories etc.
Belvedere Nuxley Road 1805-19551.50
Bradenstoke Providence Chapel 1777-19771.00
Bedford Rothsay Road 1809-19940.50
Bury: God's Providence at Bury 19891.00
Canterbury Zoar 20091.50
Chelmsford Ebenezer S S Centenary1.50
Chelmsford Ebenezer S S Diamond Jubilee 19381.50
Coppice 200th Anniversary1.00
Coventry Settlement of P M Rowell 19651.00
Cranbrook Providence 150th 19530.50
Devizes Old Baptist1.00
Dunstable old baptist 1675-19751.00
Fenstanton a short history 20051.50
Fressingfield 19851.50
Hilmarton Double Jubilee 1849-19995.00
Linslade Bethel 25th anniversary G J Collier1.50
Horningsham Chapel1.00
London Clarkenwell Mt Zion 1851-19511.00
London Leyton Hainault Rd 1894-19441.00
London Gower St A City Not Forsaken3.00
London Gower Street Chapel 19212.00
Margate Rehoboth 1914-741.50
Old Hill Ebenezer Recognition of E G Rowell 19392.00
Southill 1693-19931.50
Potton Baptists1.50
Strict Baptist Chapels vol 1 Hampshire and Surrey20.00
Strict Baptist Chapels vol 2 Sussex20.00
Strict Baptist Chapels Vol 3 Kent20.00
Strict Baptist Chapels Vol 4 The Industrial Midlands10.00
Strict Baptist Chapels Vol 5 Wiltshire and The West5.00
Tewkesbury: The Old Baptist Chapel5.00
Watford Derby Road 1868-19681.00
Westoning: Nevertheless2.00
Highlights of S B HistoryBreed Charles2.00
Bye paths in Baptist HistoryGoadby J J5.00
English Baptist History HeritageHayden Roger2.00
Isaac Watts 1974Houghton S M2.00
Bunhill Fields 1915Light A W7.00
Samuel Medley Preacher Pastor PoetRamsbottom B A1.00
History of Gospel Standard Magazine 1985Ramsbottom B A5.00
Grace Baptist Mission
Outcast for Christ SakeBrand J0.50
AfterglowBooth Mrs2.00
Pictures of Missionary AlbumBoothErnest5.00
O Earth HearGrist P A1.00
Pioneering on the CauveryMorling David5.00
Light in Hindu Homes 1946Morling Olive2.00
Message of JubileeMorling Olive1.00
Great ExpectationsPond C C1.00
Come with MeThorpe J K1.00
Other Sheep of the (1961) HBThorpe J K2.00
Other Sheep of the (1961) SBThorpe J K1.00
Utmost for the Highest ( E A Booth)Thorpe J K5.00
No Looking BackThrower David1.50
Magazines (Bound volumes)
Gospel Standard
Christian's Pathway
Gospel Magazine
Gospel Tidings

Individual Magazines

We also have a selection of the following magazines. Please contact us for more details:

Free Grace Record 1960s
Grace Magazine 1970 onwards
Christian’s Pathway 1960s
The Sower 1930s/40s
Seedthoughts 1920s
Gospel Magazine 1960s/70s
Reformation South West 1970s
Strict Baptist Ministers Fellowship 1980s
Strict Baptist Preachers Magazine 1960s/70s