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The Society’s rules

1. The Society shall be called ‘The Strict Baptist Historical Society”

2. The object of the Society, in dependence on Divine Grace, is to promote the Glory of God and the blessing of His people, by the collection. publication, preservation and collation of books, documents, manuscripts and other available material, for the better understanding of Strict Baptist history in its Nonconformist background.

3. The Society will seek to uphold Calvinistic Baptist beliefs as expressed in the Particular Baptist Confession of 1689, or the National Assembly of Strict Baptists’ Affirmation of Faith of 1966.

4. Membership of the Society shall be open to any who are in sympathy with Rule 2, and who contribute an annual subscription to the Society’s funds. The amount of this subscription shall be fixed by the Society.

5. The business of the Society shall be conducted by a Committee of management, who shall have power to add to their number and appoint necessary officers. Members who serve on the committee must be in agreement with the beliefs as expressed in Rule 3.

6. The Society shall hold an Annual General Meeting, when a treasurer’s report shall be given, a report made of the past year’s work, and the committee appointed for the ensuing year.

7. The Society shall seek to issue an Annual Bulletin. Other publications to be issued under the name of the Society, or under the imprint of “The Fauconberg Press”.

8. The Society shall not issue or publish any book or pamphlet without the unanimous consent of the committee. When this is unobtainable reference shall be made to the Annual Meeting.

9. The Library of the Society shall be open to Members and Non-members, but only members are permitted to take books on loan. The Library Rules must be adhered to by all users.

10. No rule shall be altered except by resolution passed by not less than three-quarters of the members present at a special meeting called for the purpose, of which notice shall be given in writing to every member specifying the alterations proposed.